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Special Interest Tours

We specialize in tailor made programs and differentiate ourselves from our competitors by selling experiential & unique programs. We have a team dedicated to product development. We can proudly and confidently state that we are the experts when it comes to creating products in Bhutan because we monitor our market, pre-screen/short list the products, pick up the ones that matter and will make a difference, and start promoting to our agents.  We arrange adventure thrilled treks, mountain biking trips, archery lessons, tours focusing on photography, filming, wellness and spiritual themed trips & many more.

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Bird Watching

Bhutan is a paradise for bird lovers and ornithologists. Over 670 species of birds have been recorded and many more are yet to be discovered. Around 50 species of the known birds are winter migrants.

Mountain Bike Touring

The rugged, mountainous landscape of Bhutan lends itself well to both on-road or off-road mountain biking and the sport is seeing increasing popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike.

Kayaking & Rafting

The crystal clear rivers of Bhutan are one of the kingdom’s best kept open secrets. Fed by the glacial-melt of the Eastern Himalayas, six major rivers (Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Kuri Chhu...