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Ms. Catherine Gould

“It has been a great experience and so well organized.

To go more in details

The hotels

The Druk in Timphu very well located and very clean, good food and very good massage

The hotel in Punakha , fantastic location ,an amazing view on the fortress and so peaceful , the lady who runs it is very very nice

The hotel in Paro is good but bigger so lots of group and when you get the Chinese bus , it becomes very noisy , this is probably the case anywhere in that case.

The guide:
for me a great added value, his name is Leki

He has been fantastic all week , taking care of all my needs but really in details, I did not do anything

He adjusted the planning depending on what I wanted to do, we did lots of hiking, rafting he made suggestions

All was done very smoothly ,we did a lot without having the impression of rushing

His buthanese culture is infinite and on bouddhism too, he can answer simply to the questions or go deeply in the subject if you are interested .

I can say that he is really passionate about his country and we can clearly feel it.”

Ms. Catherine Gould,
Oct 2018,