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Curt & Zalini

“We loved Bhutan. It is a very special little country; the people are kind, their Buddhist beliefs make them patient and happy and it is amazing to be in country where everyone seems so well adjusted.

The mountains and valleys are stunning, the culture is so rich and so evident in the prayer flags, chortens, temples and the stories.

The Punaka Dzong was magnificent and we visited a small nunnery nearby, which was quiet and pretty.We had an amazing time, and MrArun and MrSonam, our driver, were very professional and kind.


So all in all, we had a memorable trip that went smoothly.

MrArun was knowledgeable, he knew the history and culture as well as the birds and flowers. We saw langurs and deer and many lovely birds.

He tailored the trip to our interests in nature, by including stops at the botanical gardens, nature walks etc.


I enjoyed the meals at the farm houses, the festivals and seeing how the Bhutanese lived.


MrSonam, as I mentioned, took very good care of us, and is a delightful man.


My family thinks that the photos of Bhutan are the best yet of all of our so-called exotic vacations! “


Curt &Zalini
Oct 2015 – USA