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Ana Carolina


Bhutan is: fantastic. The tour guide ArunRai and the driver Ganesha were one of the – if not the best tour guides I’ve met. Both of them were very thoughtful, always happy, always willing to help. As soon as they knew I was a photographer, they’ve showed me the best spots for pictures, they took me even to an archery match which was not on the itinerary. 


On the last day, I was felling nauseated, so I didn’t hike to Tiger Nest, but no problem, as I said on the blog post, now I have one more reason to come back to Bhutan :). The guides took me to see the place either way and Arun took me to a pharmacy, helped me to buy some pills and offered me to take to a hospital if necessary (it wasn’t). I came back to the hotel to rest and in the evening Arun called me to check if I was feeling better. 


As you know, I didn’t take my notebook with me, so Arunlended me his so I could transfer my photos to my external hard drive (and I didn’t even asked him). 


Ganesha stopped many times during our road trips for photos.”
Ana Carolina
April 2016