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Paro Tiger’s Nest

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CEO’s Forward

They say that to be successful in life it is all about being there at the right time and in the right place. But what you do after you find yourself there is what makes the difference- after all, Rome was not built in a day! This year is a very special occasion for Etho Metho as we are celebrating our 28 year anniversary. We have been a part of the history of the Bhutanese tourism industry which has evolved over the past few decades. Our vision, hard work, and perseverance have enabled us to ride with the tides of change. What started out as a three person company has now become a team of fifty five people. The goodwill generated from our clients and the local community has enabled us to rise from a very modest beginning to the very top. I would like thank everyone who has been a part of, affiliated or associated with Etho Metho as each and every one of you has knowingly or unknowingly, in big or small ways, contributed to our growth. We are here because of you. Tashi Delek!


What Others Have To Say About Us!

“We loved Bhutan. It is a very special little country; the people are kind, their Buddhist beliefs make them patient and happy and it is amazing to be in....
“From the first contact to weeks after we had returned home, Etho Metho has provided an unparalleled quality of service. We took 22 students...
“ There are signs that people here have a healthier lifestyle: the broccoli growing in their vegetable gardens, the bracing country and mountain air, the...
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